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Moose, Black Bear, Wolf & Grouse Hunting:

Moose Hunting:

Hunting Package Pricing


  • **We have 10 tags available**
  • Ontario resident semi guided 1 week moose hunt with your own tags: $2,495
  • Your chances of getting a tag in the draw are almost 100% and if you miss the draw we can supply a tag for you.
  • Semi guided 1 week moose hunt with tag supplied: $3,495
  • Fully guided 1 week moose hunt with tag supplied: $4,995

    In the semi guided plan we'll take the time to show you the most productive areas and travel with you if need be to help get you set up. The fully guided plan will include one experienced guide for each group of 2 hunters who will be with you for your entire hunt. All of our guides are outstanding individuals who are intimately familiar with the terrain and the movement of the game. Our native Ojibway guides have lived on this river their entire lives and have an uncanny ability to call moose in closer. It truly is an amazing sight to see!

    All of our moose packages are American plan meaning we supply everything including return flight from Nakina, all boats motors and gas, and all your food and non alcoholic beverages.

    A typical weeks menu will include 3 hearty meals a day with a variety of fresh meats and vegetables. No one at our camp goes hungry! The only extras our guests are responsible for are alcoholic beverages. We are able to take beverage orders in advance and have them pre flown into camp.

    The Beteau Lake Camp is located in a vast tract of road less wilderness only accessible by air. We are in fact the furthest north hunt camp currently operating in Ontario and operate in an area never before hunted. This is newly acquired, virgin hunting territory with an abundance of trophy class animals. In fact moose populations are so high that we receive more adult moose tags than many other outfitters in other parts of Ontario. Not only is there a high population of moose, the moose get big. It's not uncommon for moose to reach 1300 pounds in our area with antler spreads exceeding 55" with some true giants over 60".

    To date, our hunter success rate is 89% and our largest bull was over 1200lb's with an antler spread of 58". Several other even larger bulls have been spotted in the vicinity of camp so our hunters have a real chance of bagging a true giant!

    Eddie North's VIP Fully Guided Moose Hunt!
    This is a one week fully guided experience for one hunter only. You will spend the entire week one on one with one of our experienced guides. You'll hunt from our main camp as well as our remote spike camps and in the process see some truly amazing terrain. Working with you one on one our guide will devote himself entirely to you, teaching you the ways of the Ojibway. You'll hunt in a variety of manners; from tree stand or canoe, and the holy grail, stalking the animals on foot along game trails. As with all of our packages, all food, non alcoholic beverages and boats, motors, gas and return flight from Nakina are included. The different hunting areas are accessed using our 16' aluminum boats.

    A fantastic trip for the hunter who desires not only an incredible hunt, but a truly memorable learning experience!

    This amazing one week hunt is offered for $6,495

    Eddie North's Ultimate Grand Slam Combo Hunt!
    The ultimate experience for the avid hunter! We offer a fully guided 2 week American plan trophy hunt for all 3 major species: moose, bear and wolf. This is a virgin hunting area abundant with trophies of all species. You will hunt from the main lodge as well as our remote spike camp miles upstream. Again this includes anexperienced guide for every hunter, all your food and non alcoholic beverages, boats, motors, gas and return flight from Nakina. This is a rare opportunity for the avid hunter to accomplish a feat that very few have managed. Your odds of success are extremely high if you desire to take on the challenge!

    This extraordinary experience is offered to only 3 hunters per year! $8995.00

  • Black Bear Hunting:

    **We have 3 tags available**

    One week fully guided bear hunt combined with fishing: $2,995

    Our camp has large numbers of black bears commonly approaching 400lbs with the occasional bruin in the 500-600lb range. The Ministry Of Natural Resources estimates the black bear population in the northern region of Ontario to be over 200,000 animals with the densest population being on the western side of James Bay. This places our camp right in the heart of the best country! This densely populated area is also known for its pure strain of black bears, many of which carry the classic white chest markings.

    Success rate to date has been very close to 100%. You WILL see many animals and have a realistic shot at a big bruin!

    Timber Wolf Hunting:

    **Numerous Wolf tags available**

    Our region teems with the rare and elusive woodland caribou. Although these majestic animals cannot be hunted their presence along with the other large ungulates, the moose, provides for a large and healthy population of timber wolves. Some of these animals are massive, routinely topping out at 150-200lb's.

    For those hunters fortunate enough to bag a moose early in the week, wolf hunting can be combined for an additional $995.

    Spruce Grouse & Ruffed Grouse Hunting - (Partridge):

    They are incredibly abundant and offer a nice alternative when your big game hunt is completed! There are numerous game trails and more open areas of bush where walking is easier and the birds are everywhere! There is no charge for hunters who'd like to partake.

    Trophy Pike And Walleye Fishing

    Our area is one of the premier angling destinations in the world! Fishing for massive pike between 40 and 50" as well as walleye in the 25-30" class is offered to all of our hunters at no extra charge. We will show you the most productive areas and make some helpful suggestions to put you onto the fish. You WILL not waste any time searching the water alone fruitlessly. It's definitely in your best interests to bring a couple of fishing rods along. When your hunt ends early or you simply want a break during the day there's nothing better than a gargantuan pike screaming line off your reel!

    **Customize your hunt! If you have the desire to do something a little bit different, call us and we'll work it out. We can offer custom hunts from 1-3 weeks in length.**

    Hunting Package Details:

    Our trips run from Saturday to Saturday. Weather permitting you will depart the air base in Nakina early to mid morning on Saturday. It's a little more than a one hour flight to camp and upon arrival and after settling in you'll have at least half a day to hunt. The following Saturday you'll generally be picked up midday. If you still have the desire you'll have time Saturday morning to either hunt or perhaps chase some of the many trophy pike and walleye. So a typical one week trip includes 6 full days of hunting or fishing and 2 half days.

    We provide all food and beverages for our American plan guests. All prices include return flight from Nakina, as well as a fully equipped camp, boats motors and unlimited gas. Our guides are top notch and are intimately familiar with the terrain. Weight limit for hunters is 100lb's per person.

    Payment Details
    Deposits are 30% of trip cost and are due within 14 days of booking.
    Deposits are non refundable, but can be applied to future trips.
    Personal cheques are accepted for deposits only.

    Certified cheques, travelers cheques, money orders or cash only.
    Personal cheques NOT accepted for final payment.
    Sorry, No Credit Cards accepted.

    Important Hunting Regulations

    **Hunter Orange is required**

    A Firearms Declaration Form is needed by non-residents to bring guns into Ontario. Do not sign the forms until in front of a customs agent. $25 CAN - (Phone: 1-800-731-4000) The proper declaration forms can be downloaded from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police website. Additional information about Canadian firearms laws can be found on the RCMP's Visitors and Non-Residents page.

    Big Game Caliber: For Bear, Moose, Deer or Wolf hunting, the rifle should be in the 30 caliber range. A 30-06 to a 300 WIN MAG is recommended. By law, all guns must have a trigger lock and be locked and in a transportation case within 1/2 hour after sunset and 1/2 hour before sunrise. You do not want to deviate from these instructions. Gun laws in Canada are very strict.

    Bow Draw Weight: By law, a bow must have a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds for Deer and a minimum draw weight of 50 pounds for Bear and Moose.