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Fly-in Black Bear Hunting:

Our Black Bear hunt is run out of our main camp on Beteau Lake. If you want your meals included in the bear hunting package please inform us when you book your bear hunting vacation. Windsor Lake is located within our bear management area but we do not run an organized bear hunt from that location. Moose hunters are welcome to hunt bear on their own if they wish.

Ontario is the top Black Bear Hunting destination in Canada with hundreds of outfitters offering great bear hunts and good success rates. The question is where is the best place to go for the highest success rates, the biggest Black Bears and receive the highest adventure value for your dollar, which ultimately makes your hunting trip a fantastic vacation. North of Nakina is your answer.

As you travel north from Lake Superior the average size of the Black Bears keep getting bigger. Once you are in that ribbon of boreal forest north of highway 11 you are in the hot zone where the biggest Black Bears in Ontario are located. The region has been named the Black Bear Triangle. It starts in the Northern Nipigon region and then heads east curving to the south below James Bay. Once you past this area heading north the bears start to get smaller again until you hit the tree line where there are no bears. The whole area north of the towns of Nakina, Jellicoe and Armstrong is where you will have your best chance at harvesting a Black Bear over 400 pounds.

The massive size of the bears north of Nakina can be explained by three main factors. First, the diverse landscape with 1000s of lakes and streams produces high numbers of critters that the bears like to eat; mainly beavers. It's their main source of meat. Secondly, forest fires and logging clears areas for fresh new growth thus producing new grasses as well as a plentitude of Blueberry and Raspberry bushes for the bears to eat. Finally, big bears don't like people. You will see tons of bears at the dump in Nakina or around town but in actual fact those are smaller rouge bears than have been driven out of the best territories controlled by bigger bears. You can say that south of Nakina there is a great bear population but they are much smaller than in the prime Black Bear habitats available farther north. We are located right in that giant Black Bear region.
We run our Black Bear hunt out of our main camp on Beteau Lake. Our BMA (Bear Management Area) is 550 square miles, which is much bigger than most BMAs. We have multiple bait stands spread out through the BMA at the most strategic spots where our guides have scouted out bear signs. We supply all guests with portable tree stands. Most outfitters start baiting their stands three weeks before the hunt but we start at the beginning of July so by the time Black Bear Hunting season starts in mid-August we already have big bears coming in to feed on a regular basis.

The average size Black Bear in our region is about 250 pounds but most of our bear hunting guests wait to see bigger bears. Having the confidence to wait for bigger bears means outstanding results. Since we bought the camp in 2009 we have had lots of Black Bears in the 300 to 450 pound range harvested by our hunting guests. Our customers so far have enjoyed a nearly 100% success rate.