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Fly-in Fishing & Hunting Packing Tips:


Make a menu and stick to it.

Have 1 person in charge of buying the food. Otherwise, items get duplicated or even tripled.

Fishing is very good, so you don't need to pack extra food for "just in the case the fish aren't biting." You will catch fish for dinner. When shopping, do you really need a monster bottle of mustard or ketchup or mayo or cans of vegetables? Don't bring and pack bottles or cans that are far too large for what you will use during your trip.

Freeze any foods and beverages that can be frozen. This can be used as ice in your coolers, such as freezing bottles of water or jugs of water. Use frozen concentrated juice containers as ice while it is thawing for breakfast drinks. If you are bringing frozen french fries or bags of frozen vegetables, use those as ice in your coolers for travel. This can save you a large amount of unnecessary weight.

Plastic or glass? If you have a choice between purchasing plastic or glass bottles, go with plastic.

Plastic is much lighter and can be burned and does not have to be hauled back out with the garbage. We don't appreciate glass breakage at the camp site or on the airplanes.

Water: If you are wondering about the lake water-----it is perfectly safe to drink. There is NO need to haul all of the cases of water into the lake. We are required to post signs to boil the water at the lakes. And if that makes you feel better about drinking the lake water, do that. We drink only lake water and after you try it, I think you will agree it is some of the best tasting water you will ever drink. It makes great coffee, too. Of if you want, bring water purification tablets for the water. They are surely not going to put you over your weight limit.

Remember, there is LOTS of water in the lake. If there is one thing the pilots will leave behind if there is not room in the plane, it will be the unnecessary cases of water.

Extra Drinking Water Safety: Just to be extra safe, get your water at least 50 yards from shore and 100 yards from any beaver huts. You can also bring a Brita Filter with you to filter the water for drinking. As we said before, the water is sparkling clean and safer to drink than the water out of your tap at home. Brita Filters can be bought at most grocery stores.

Why not pack kool-aid or lemonade or tea and mix with water? Those take very little space and add up very little weight to your limit.

If you are big beer drinkers or soda drinkers(cans only, we will NOT fly cases of bottles) call those orders in ahead of time (at least 3 to 4 weeks ahead of time) and we will get them flown in to the cabin before your arrival. We will not charge you for that flight. We will work it in on another flight that has spare room.

Check the weather forecast before you pack for your trip. You can find the forecast in the resources link in this website or go to your own weather website and check out Geraldton or Thunder Bay weather. Remember, you are out in the wilderness, you don't need to have a clean pair of clothes for each new day. You can leave a clean set of travel clothes in your vehicle. Dress in layers. That helps you in packing your gear, too. You don't need to have parkas if the forecast is 70 degrees or more.

Sort your tackle box before you pack for your trip. You don't need to carry your bass lures if you are going walleye fishing. Bring only what you need, these lures are heavy and count towards your weight fast. Also, the medium size to smaller tackle boxes are the best. You can still have all the lures and line you need and they are easiest for loading in the planes. The Monster Tackle Boxes are not necessary nor are they appreciated.

We ask you put your fishing rods in rod tubes. Your rods are safer in tubes and they are easier for the pilot to load without hurting himself. Please try to condense your rods in rod tubes. All you need is a lightweight, cheap tube. A group of 4 or 6 does not need to bring 4 or 6 rod tubes. Condense your rods and put as many in one tube as you can. The less tubes the better. It's your head that might get clunked by too many tubes in the plane.

Soft sided duffel bags are the best and DO NOT need to exceed 50lbs. Rather have 2 smaller bags than one large bag. You can still carry as much with you in the smaller bags and they are MUCH easier for us all to handle. DO NOT USE tupperware or hard sided baggage. They just DO NOT form into small places or areas in the planes. Cardboard boxes work well for packing food. They can be bent if necessary and you can burn those when you are finished with them at the cabins.

Maximum size we like to see is 48 quart size. The larger ones are like the tupperware tubes----just TOO HARD to get them to fit into the planes and they are just TOO HEAVY to handle and too HARD to manage. The pilots and dock workers really appreciate you using the size we recommend

Typical food & essentials list for 4 people

  • 2 Dozen eggs
  • 1/2 gallon milk
  • 3# bacon
  • 3# ground beef
  • 4 beef steaks
  • 4 pork chops
  • 2 ham steaks
  • bratwurst
  • 1 package hot dogs
  • 1 package lunch meat
  • 1 package hamburger buns
  • 2 loaves bread
  • 2 chicken leg & thighs
  • jelly
  • peanut butter
  • margarine
  • cooking oil
  • pancake mix
  • pancake syrup
  • flour
  • fish breading
  • salt & pepper
  • box macaroni & cheese
  • canned soup
  • canned vegetables
  • canned fruits
  • canned beef stew or spaghetti or chili (whatever you have in stock)
  • cookies
  • cooking onions
  • potatoes
  • box cold cereal
  • coffee
  • kool-aid
  • breakfast drink
  • powdered milk
  • soda crackers
  • condiments
  • lemon juice
  • tartar sauce
  • tin foil
  • paper towels
  • scouring pads
  • dish soap
  • toilet paper
  • garbage bags
  • mosquito coils